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  • Wilsonart Solid Surfacing

    Wilsonart® Solid Surface.......a surface that's as durable as it is beautiful. A surface that allows you to create the look and design you've always wanted. A surface that's easy to maintain, easy to repair and easy to use.

    Available in 2 thicknesses – 13mm Gibraltar and 3mm SSV in sheet size 3660mm x 762mm.

    3mm SSV In particular offers great cost savings over other materials.

    3mm SSV offers all the advantages of traditionally thicker solid surfacing but at a fraction of the cost. The finished look and surface performance make it difficult to distinguish the difference.

    SSV can be bonded to an MDF substrate and edged in either SSV to give a very tight radius or matching Gibraltar for unlimited edge profiles. Separate Gibraltar edging strips are available.

    With outstanding benefits in quality and design Wilsonart Solid Surfacing is ideal for retail, office, leisure and healthcare applications.

    Durability & Easy Maintenance
       • 100% acrylic formulation adds durability    • Solid, non-porous material    • Resists stains, mould, mildew & bacteria growth    • Easily maintained with standard cleaners    • Renewable – slight surface blemishes buff away    • Repairable – inconspicuous, looks new longer    • Seams are smooth, solid, inconspicuous and waterproof    • No sealing required

    Beauty & Design Flexibilty
       • Smooth, seamless appearance    • Colours & patterns are consistent throughout thickness    • Can be routered & thermoformed for custom shapes    • Unlimited edge options    • Designs co-ordinate easily with other materials    • UV stable, will not fade or discolour from vultra-violet light

    solid colours - 3 of the most popular whites used in the vast majority of installations. Clean, pure and modern.

    mirage & tempest - sand type speckle designs in a selection of attractive colours designed to add depth to the design.

    melange - larger particulates create the look of fine natural stones and granites in one of the most attractive collection of colours.

    odyssey - 3 bold colours with a silver sparkling effect running throughout the material, ideal for highlighting feature areas

  • Cubicle Washroom Decor

    The Resopal range of cubicle décors offer a selection of high-pressure laminates for the washroom and associated areas. The 3660mm x 1525mm sheet size is designed specifically for the division panel within the cubicle, but can be used for doors, vanity units and ducting.

  • Cubicle Components
  • EGGER uni-decors
  • EGGER woodgrains
  • Concept Laminates
  • Woodlam Real Wood Veneer

    Woodlam is top quality crown cut veneers encapsulated in resin impregnated papers to form a symmetrical pattern and produce a durable and natural veneered laminate for internal applications. Veneers are available in both silk and unfinished states.

    SPECIFICATION Sheet Sizes – 3050 x 1250mm Thickness – 1.0mm (nominal) Finished – silk high resistance melamine overlay. (The S in the product code indicates finished) Unfinished – to allow for staining and finishing. (The UF in the product code indicates unfinished)

    A natural timber product, it characteristically displays variations in grain and marking and is subject to colour change due to ageing and exposure to natural light. Exact matches between individual sheets cannot be guaranteed.

    ADHESIVES Woodlam should be properly press bonded to the substrate using a rigid or semi-rigid adhesive such as UF or PVA. Contact adhesives, particularly hand applied, are not recommended. Any adhesive smear should be removed with a damp cloth before curing takes place.

    CARE & MAINTENANCE Melamine finish can be cleaned in the same way as conventional laminates. Do not use polishes or waxes on any finished surface. It will withstand moderate heat, but very hot objects (hot pans, casserole dishes, etc.) should not be placed directly on the surface. Unfinished products should be finished as a standard veneer panel and thereafter should be treated in the same manner as veneered furniture.

  • Flexible Wood Sheets

    Flexible veneer sheets create freedom in design and application combining a genuine woodgrain surface with pliability and ease of use. Its extreme flexibility is achieved by pre-stressing the fibres of woodgrain during manufacture, which allows it to be wrapped around 360° curves and columns without splitting or splintering. Unlike delicate leaves of conventional veneers, it is easy to handle and will not flake or split. It is just as popular for flat panels as well as curves due to it being less susceptible to damage than unsupported veneer sheets. It can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and adhered to any clean, dry surface using conventional adhesive. Supplied sanded and ready for staining, polishing, varnishing or finishing as required. The species available as standard are Cherry, Maple, Sapele, Steamed Beech, Teak, Walnut, White Ash, White Beech and White Oak. All species are cut and book matched as standard, to a sheet size of 2440mm x 1220mm (8’ x 4’) and a thickness of 0.6mm. Ideal for use within commercial interiors, furniture making, yatch interiors and shopfitting applications, where its attractive, genuine woodgrain surface, combined with extreme ease of use, has revolutionised the craft of veneering.

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