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Our range of sheet materials from EGGER MFC's to EGGER Fire Door Cores, MDF, Plywood and Lamboard.



  • EGGER MFC’s uni-decors

    Uni decors are very popular in interior and furniture design used either on their own or in combination with Woodgrains and Fantasy decors.

  • EGGER MFC’s woodgrains

    Woodgrain decors have traditionally been highly regarded in furniture production. The EGGER collection offers a remarkably wide range from light-woods, such as maple, to the darker woods such as walnut. There is also a wide variety of coloured woods.

  • EGGER Gloss Range

    In keeping with the current demand for high gloss within kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms, EGGER have introduced melamine faced boards with a gloss finish – ST30. With a gloss level of 103 points and a good scratch resistance, this product is perfect for carcasses and end panels. All boards are 2800 x 2070 x 18mm and are supplied with a protective film on both sides to guarantee safe and secure transportation. We can now offer you 12 decors from stock, which are all available with matching gloss ABS edging to create a high value finish. In addition, all other EGGER colours are available on request.

  • EGGER Board Structures

    Texture is no longer a secondary consideration after colour choice. It is now used to give decors more depth and add realism to reproductions, bringing them closer to real wood, veneer and the real material, whether that’s a stone or leather product. With the new collection several new decors are introduced that focus on making the surfaces more tactile and ultimately more natural, which means that customers can create higher value projects and ranges. With ZOOM® every decor uses the most appropriate surface texture, ensuring that the decorative materials look and feel like the real thing.

  • EGGER EUROSPAN Fire Door Cores

    Highly engineered chipboard fire door cores. Our 44 mm FD30 cores are fire resistance for a minimum of 30 minutes and our 54 mm FD60 cores are fire resistance for a minimum of 1 hour, when fitted with the right combination of door configuration, glazing panels and intumescent seals. EGGER Fire Door Cores are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications, such as housing, education and healthcare, hotel and leisure, commercial offices and retail environments. High Performance – EGGER Fire Door Cores are tested by Chiltern international to BS476 Part 22 and are third party accredited by BM Trada under the Q-Mark accreditation scheme. They also meet the highest level of durability classification – Severe Duty, in accordance with DD171 and BS EN 1192. Lighter cores – Using the very latest chipboard production technology we have been able to manufacture a lighter, more technically advanced core. This brings health and safety benefits as the cores are easier to handle and install, as well as logistics benefits as you can make better use of transport capacities. Finer surface – The fine surface of EGGER Fire Door Cores can be painted without the need for further preparation saving you time and money. This high quality surface is also beneficial when laminating and veneering.

  • High Gloss MDF
  • Veneered MDF
  • MDF
  • Plywood

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