Woodlam Real Wood Veneer

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Woodlam Real Wood Veneer

Woodlam is top quality crown cut veneers encapsulated in resin impregnated papers to form a symmetrical pattern and produce a durable and natural veneered laminate for internal applications. Veneers are available in both silk and unfinished states.

Sheet Sizes – 3050 x 1250mm
Thickness – 1.0mm (nominal)
Finished – silk high resistance melamine overlay. (The S in the product code indicates finished)
Unfinished – to allow for staining and finishing. (The UF in the product code indicates unfinished)

A natural timber product, it characteristically displays variations in grain and marking and is subject to colour change due to ageing and exposure to natural light. Exact matches between individual sheets cannot be guaranteed.

Woodlam should be properly press bonded to the substrate using a rigid or semi-rigid adhesive such as UF or PVA. Contact adhesives, particularly hand applied, are not recommended. Any adhesive smear should be removed with a damp cloth before curing takes place.

Melamine finish can be cleaned in the same way as conventional laminates. Do not use polishes or waxes on any finished surface. It will withstand moderate heat, but very hot objects (hot pans, casserole dishes, etc.) should not be placed directly on the surface. Unfinished products should be finished as a standard veneer panel and thereafter should be treated in the same manner as veneered furniture.


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