EGGER Decorative Collection Update 2022

EGGER Decorative Collection Update

Good news! EGGER have extended the Decorative Collection.

To give you more time to experience the variety of their international collection, EGGER are extending the collection until 2023. This means you do not need to worry about specification changes as availability is guaranteed for longer.

In addition to this, they have also upgraded our PerfectSense and Flammex products to ensure you have the best available surfaces for your projects.

PerfectSense® Lacquered Boards
in Premium Matt and
Premium Gloss

We have enhanced the quality of our PerfectSense Lacquered
Boards for your high-quality furniture and room concepts.

Thanks to the optimised micro-scratch and scratch resistance,
PerfectSense Premium Matt is now suitable for use on
horizontal surfaces such as office desks, counters
and shelves.

Whilst with Premium Gloss, your customers will enjoy a
mirror finish and reflective surface, even on less exposed
horizontal surfaces such as sideboards.

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EGGER PerfectSense® Lacquered Boards 


A newly developed production process makes it possible
to integrate the fire-retardant effect of the rawboard into
the coating of our Eurodekor Flammex and
Eurodekor MDF Flammex boards.

This change provides a much wider range of opportunities in
which to utilise this product, whilst giving you more flexibility
and a comprehensive choice of decor and texture.

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EGGER Eurodekor Flammex 

NOTE: All shown décors are reproductions.