EGGER Square Edge Worktops

Within the EGGER square edge worktops range we have three thicknesses available.

With the 38mm, create the look of real wood with fabulous oak decors. Carefully chosen from the highly popular Feelwood range, with texture and design perfectly aligned.


  • Wood reproductions
  • Cost-effective alternative to real wood
  • The grain is perfectly aligned with the texture
  • Create a high-value look and feel

For that sleek, smooth feel of marble or authentic texture of stone or slate, choose from striking material reproductions in the 25 mm worktops range.


  • Marble, stone, slate and material decors
  • High-value look and feel

Discover our six new 16mm worktops offering magnificent material and high-end marble reproductions; effortlessly elegant for a stylish, sophisticated look.


  • Material and Marble reproduction decors
  • Slimline 16mm thickness
  • All 16mm worktops feature the same décor on both sides
  • All 16mm worktop decors are also available in the 38mm postformed worktop range

Matching splashbacks and upstands available are available for 38mm, 25mm & 16mm square edge worktops.