Maxtop Worktops


Enjoy the stunning beauty and strength of a solid quartz surface, without any of the drawbacks of traditional solid stone surfaces. Maxtop Quartz is Europe's leading modular quartz product, redefining the benchmark for engineered stone in the kitchen industry. Pre-finished worktops with undeniable strength and surprising lightness mean that installers and consumers get maximum benefits with minimum fuss.

Maxtop Quartz offers the aesthetic benefits of a solid stone surface, but with the advantage of a deeper 40mm profile - a depth that is impractical with conventional fabrication.
Every surface is edged with 8mm solid quartz to give a perfectly uninterrupted look. Design options are further enhanced by a choice of 10 natural decors, so there’s a surface for any kitchen.

Factory pre-finishing means that Maxtop Quartz surfaces are ready for immediate sale and installation with the kitchen, in contrast to many solid solutions that require a 3-4 week wait from the time of order.
Storage and logistics are made easy too, thanks to standard modular sizing, 'off the shelf' availability and lightweight ergonomics.

The patented interior structure of Maxtop Quartz is not only the secret to its lightweight properties, but it’s also the secret of its superior strength. Its non-wood based honeycomb core offers 100% moisture protection to a surface that's light enough to be handled manually, but offers higher strength than other stone worktops.

Install in the same time, using the same techniques as those used in laminate installation.
Three standard worktop sizes are available and every pack comes with two upstand sizes and edging solution as standard, so there’s no need to purchase extra items.

Have a watch of the following video on how to install Maxtop Quartz worktops.