High Gloss MDF

Our High Gloss MDF (medium density fibreboard) boards are decorative shiny surface wood based panels used to create furniture combinations that are modern, graceful and shiny. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, office furniture and all kinds of bespoke furniture projects. High Gloss MDF boards are paving the way to a whole new era in the sector with a finish that maintains its glossy appearance and is a symbol of style, quality and elegance.  

High Gloss boards are achieved through the application of adhesive, melamine film and polyurethane lacquer onto the single surface of MDF. During the hot coating application which provides an excellent adherence to melamine surfaces, PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive coating is applied onto the material surface. After the hot coating process which provides a perfect adhesion to the melamine-coated surface, the chemical curing process with the application of lacquer ensures a harder surface with higher scratch and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the upper layer which is hardened with UV rays is more resistant against fading with sunlight and chemicals. Thus, the brightness is as high as a mirror's.

The panels are manufactured from an 18mm Moisture-Resistant E-Zero (low formaldehyde) MDF substrate and edged with a 0.8mm gloss PVC edge. Both the surface of the board and the edging comes with a plastic film for protection. The back side of the board is always the matching colour in a matt finish. The size of our panels are 2800mm x 2100mm.