Space Tower from BLUM

In one of the most space pressured places in the home, you can instantly create more with SPACE TOWER – an innovation with flexibility at its very heart. Clever storage solutions provide ample capacity for groceries, which are always to hand thanks to easy access points throughout the unit. It’s also a solution that fits around individual needs and individual kitchens, with a flexible design that can be tailored to optimise the area you have available.

Some of the many benefits of SPACE TOWER: 

High, closed drawer boxes High, closed drawer boxes ensure that provisions are stored securely, meaning that nothing can fall out from the side or the back. 

Flexible interior organisation Inner dividing systems allow you to arrange your storage space optimally, ensuring better organization and visibility. Plus, you can store provisions such as flour, sugar and rice without the risk of them tipping over. 

High load bearing capacity Each and every pull-out boasts an impressive level of stability and high load bearing capacity, up to a total weight of 70 kg, ensuring that even heavy items, such as bottles, are stored securely.

As a result of Blum’s relentless research into how people interact with their environment, SPACE TOWER makes everyday kitchen use easier and helps people declutter. It’s a system that’s compatible with a wide range of Blum components to ensure consistent kitchen design and being so flexible, it can even be used in other living areas. SPACE TOWER also has peace of mind built in, thanks to the Blum lifetime guarantee.