The MOVENTO runner system from BLUM boasts a synchronised feather-light glide, 4-dimensional front adjustment and dynamic load bearing capacities of 40 kg and 60 kg and allow full extension giving complete access to the rear of a drawer.

Easy opening
Minimal opening forces and a gentle transition to the feather-light glide characterise the optimised opening behaviour. This is especially noticeable in smaller, lighter pull-outs and small handle strips.

Outstanding quality of motion
Low-friction nylon rollers in the roller carriage runner and the synchronisation of the drawer profile and roller carriage ensure synchronised smooth running action. Pull-outs move very quietly, evenly and smoothly

High stability
The optional side stabilisation, which is invisible to the furniture user, is ideal for wide pull-outs with short nominal lengths. No assembly effort is required for the cabinet and drawer. All MOVENTO motion technologies can be combined with side stabilisation.