MFC Kitchen Doors

Part of the NULEAF range is our large selection of MFC kitchen & bedroom doors. Made from Egger MFC they come in all standard, and non-standard sizes, finished with a 2mm PVC edging, to allow you to create your own bespoke door.

The images below show just a few examples of what you can achieve with a little imagination, although anything from the Egger MFC range can be used, including gloss and matt boards!

EGGER E1000G White Gloss
EGGER E999G Black Gloss
EGGER E1474 White Avola
EGGER E1476 Champagne Avola
EGGER E1477 Grey Avola
E1000G White Gloss
E999G Black Gloss
E1474 White Avola
E1476 Champagne Avola
E1477 Grey Avola
EGGER E1478 Truffle Brown
EGGER E1582 Beech
EGGER E3078 Hacienda White
EGGER E3081 Hacienda Black
EGGER E3090 Shorewood
E1478 Truffle Brown
E1582 Beech
E3078 Hacienda White
E3081 Hacienda Black
E3090 Shorewood
EGGER E3406 Anthracite Mountain Larch & E1000 Premium White
E3406 Anthracite Mountain Larch & E1000 Premium White