EGGER PerfectSense® Topmatt Laminate

EGGER Warm Neutrals

Deep, rich, and velvet to the touch, the incredibly smooth texture of PerfectSense Topmatt Laminate provides a luxurious finish, adding an air of exclusivity to commercial interiors. Its durable surface is perfectly suited to creating an inviting, high-end look within hospitality, retail and leisure environments.

Material decors

Material reproductions available in PerfectSense Topmatt Laminate
bring new design opportunities to furniture and interior design. The
new material decors replicate the smooth, cool surface of the original
material to give a high-value look and feel.

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EGGER F206PT Black Pietra Grigia 

Grey tones

Grey tones offer diverse possibilities for neutral surfaces by giving
a light, fresh feel to interiors. The smooth feel and matt appearance
of the laminate surface, creates a high-quality elegance with added

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EGGER U732PT Dusk Grey 

Dark decors

Dark uni colours create impact, ideal for striking design concepts.
With the surface properties of PerfectSense Topmatt Laminate,
the dark decors offer exciting and dramatic design possibilities.

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EGGER U599PT Indigo Blue 

White decors

The unique characteristics of PerfectSense Topmatt Laminate
technology transform decors into smooth, deeply matt surfaces,
resistant to fingerprints, scratches and marks. The matt, white
tones are perfect for use across a variety of commercial
applications, including bar and table tops, shop counters and
display units.

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EGGER U1100PT Alpine White 

NOTE: All shown décors are reproductions.