EGGER Worktop Collection 2020

EGGER worktops have been developed to coordinate with the latest
colour tones in kitchen design. From walnut to oak and concrete to
marble, the collection boasts a finish to suit every interior.

EGGER’s extensive range of worktop accessories, matching splashbacks,
upstands and edging as well as the 10 year guarantee provides
you with everything you need from a single source.

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EGGER Worktops 

EGGER Postformed Worktops

From classic to contemporary and sparkle to shine, the 38mm
postformed range boasts 24 desirable decors.

Worktops are postformed to a 3mm radius for a sleek finish, and
matching splashbacks and upstands are available for all decors.

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EGGER Postformed Worktops 

EGGER Square Edge Worktops

Within the EGGER square edge worktops range we have two  
thicknesses available.

With the 38mm square edge worktops, create the look of real wood
with fabulous oak decors. Carefully chosen from the highly popular
Feelwood range, with texture and design perfectly aligned.

For that sleek, smooth feel of marble or authentic texture of stone or  
slate, choose from striking material reproductions in 16mm or 25mm. 

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EGGER Square Edge Worktops 

Splashbacks and Upstands

Matching splashbacks and upstands are available for all EGGER
worktops. These are a stylish alternative to tiling and are simple to look
after and maintain.

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EGGER Square Edge Worktops 

Worktop Finder
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Worktop Combination Guide
EGGER Worktop Finder
EGGER Worktop Visualiser
EGGER Worktop Combination Guide
Use the EGGER Worktop Finder to quickly and easily view EGGER worktop recommendations and décor combination ideas. You can order samples, view virtual samples, installation videos and more.

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Check how certain combinations of worktops, splashbacks and upstands work with doors, shelving and drawer fronts. The EGGER visualiser allows you to quickly and easily create the type of look you are after.

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Curated by Elliott Fairlie, Head of Décor Management, EGGER UK and Ireland, the Worktop Combination Guide provides décor combination ideas for worktops, door frontals and carcasses.

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